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And More Poetry…

Cuckoo (an endecha)

I was thrilled to see my first
yellow billed cuckoo today.
Yes, he came to Arkansas,
tho sightings here are somewhat rare, watchers say.

He perched upon a thin limb
in a leafy elm, right there,
peered at me with wary eye,
bounced, and leapt and flew into the summer air.

I wonder tho—at what age
does one start seeing cuckoos
in abnormal habitats?
I report it, tho it will not make the news.

Cornell may argue when I
say I saw the birds I see,
and register my sightings,
and use their apt bird app so readily.

For I am not a watcher
at the level of a pro,
but I will tell them if they
ask, “I saw the bird I say I saw–I know!

© Damon Dean, 2020

(an endecha)

Is it dew, or is it rain
that slipped in during darkness,
in the night baptized the lawn,
with piety, theology and kindness?

To convert my yard, it came
with liquidated notions—
matters not, whether they came
from pools or lakes or rivers, seas or oceans,

the source, evaporation,
under heaven’s holy light,
has now redeemed my grasses
by the radiance that would have been their blight.

© Damon Dean, 2020

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