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A Match Made in Heaven…

December 7, 2013

There’s some love in my near future.  My creativity has been lonely too long. Revimo-16

Looking back from the end of this writing year, I’ve been able to identify a major longing in my writing pursuit–regularity. Of all the things I need most in my writing, it’s increased discipline, some kind of structure, some notion of daily, loving attention to what I’ve written in order to fulfill it.

Of course, there are reasons for the lack of attention to stories and tales that have come out of a very creative year (Mom’s cancer, a more intense work schedule at the part-time consulting, Becky’s back-cracking fall from the horse).  But no excuses.  You see, even MINUTES dedicated per day to the writing passion is still, regardless of quantity, discipline.

I’ve known this.  I’ve lived long enough to learn this.  It’s just that I need reminding.  The 12×12 Challenge has been a continual reminder, but as a last-minute person, I’ve missed having a few complete drafts this year. Recently PiBoIdMo reminded me. Thirty picture-book ideas in thirty days.  The writing community at large encourages a focus on the whole writing effort.

But now, a new opportunity appears.  ReviMo.  This challenge seems to aim right at the heart of my writing weakness, and I’m excited to be participating.  Meg Miller is offering between January 12-18, 2014, this seven-day (very do-able) intensive (sharp-focused) personal dare to revise selected writing drafts that are in danger of melting away from memory or molding on the dingy bookshelves of my mind.

You know how they say in relationships opposites attract?  Good couples complement one another?  What’s that romantic saying that sums up your love for someone? Oh yeah…”You complete me.

Creativity needs a partner, and the best candidate, I think, is Discipline. I think that ReviMo can do a little match-making in my writing world.

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  1. December 7, 2013 6:43 pm

    “Creativity needs a partner, and the best candidate, I think, is Discipline. I think that ReviMo can do a little match-making in my writing world.” Love this SevenAcreSky! I hope ReviMo meets your expectations! I’m excited to get revising!! 😀

  2. Christie Wright Wild permalink
    February 15, 2014 9:09 pm

    I signed up for PiBoIdMo in 2013, but completely missed the mark. Didn’t even read one single post or come up with one single idea. I was enthralled with my last semester of school to receive my Web Developer degree. But I agree with you about creativity and discipline. As writers, we really need BOTH. Thanks.

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